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Astronomers discover first-ever intermediate-mass black hole lurking in 47 Tucanae

Scientists May Have Snapped First-Ever Picture of Black Hole

While the entire concept of the black hole is yet poorly understood by scientists, how can it be possible to capture the occurrence of black holes in camera? As scientists have no idea on...

13.1-Billion-Years-Old Galaxy Is Giving Foretaste into Premature Universe

Astronomers have detected an ultra-distant galaxy, which is nearly 13.1 billion years old and is giving some significant glimpses into the early universe. Regardless of various advancements in science and technology, the formation of the...
Elusive Dark Energy

Elusive Dark Energy Is A Myth? New Study Has a Shocking Answer To It

Dark Energy and Dark Energy are two most troubling and ambiguous concepts that the modern physics has gifted us. The idea of dark energy states that everything we are acquainted with in the Cosmos — starting...