Glaciers of Greenland

Global warming and Climate change are two hottest topics of symposium all over the globe. All these debates and discussions were particularly relevant corresponding to Greenland as the ice sheet in the region is often highlighted in association with the debates on boosts in global temperature. While some reports state global warming to benefit the Greenland’s economy, some reports have strictly mentioned about the adversity of climate change on the ice sheets of Greenland, and such a report with some added warning has come up this week.

According to the new study, carried out by the researchers from the Ohio State University in the US has highlighted that The ice caps and the glaciers in the Greenland that mark the edges of the Greenland shoreline will never convalesce from the fast melting they are going through right now. The study also has suggested that the melting of coastal ice of Greenland will also contribute to the exceptional hike in sea level in the coming years.

As claimed by the new study, the melt on ice glacier in Greenland will lift up the global sea level by nearly 1.5 inches by 2100, which is actually concerning. “It is shocking news, but there is no cause for immediate panic, said Ian Howat, one of the researchers of the study and an Associate Professor at Ohio State University in the US. Adding to the statement, the research said, if the melting of sea ice will go on at the rapid rate, that currently, we are experiencing, then it is sure to have highly adverse effects on the future time and most obvious effect will be the amplifying level of global sea water.

Ice glaciers are also expected to be completely vanished by 2100, which means, it will undoubtedly contribute to the increment in the sea level by 3.8cm, revealed the study. Moreover, the melt of glacier alongside other ice will also add to the rising sea level, which may make the situation more dreadful. But 3.8cm alone, attributable to the melt of ice glaciers in Greenland will cause radical alterations and effects on both the ecology and general people.

This a direct consequence of what human beings have done and been doing to the environment said one of the associated researchers of the study.


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