PM Modi choses Anuskha Sharma as the brand ambassador of Clean India

It is not everyone’s trophy to be influential to a whole country for a national cause, even for the stars. Beating the glamour queens in the race, Anushka Sharma is chosen to represent the Clean India initiative driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan along with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. While Big B is the male ambassador, Anushka represents the female face for this massive campaign across the nation. She was chosen for her outstanding popularity with the youth both across urban and rural India, mostly among women.

The ministry has selected Anushka to polish and centralise her communication skills in the orientation of the Indian women, specifically those who reside in the semi-rural and rural areas of the country.

According to a source, the extensive research conducted by the government state that men usually resist the usage and construction of toilets in the remote and rural areas which is in contradiction to what women generally want.

In this male-dominated nation, the women are not able to avail this facility of sanitation just because the men in the respective families are not giving importance to the need. This makes them defecate in the open spaces like farms and fields which are way too risky and unhygienic. It is also dangerous for women in most of the cases.

The negative effects of going for open defecation invites in various diseases which pose a danger to the lives of women and children. Women’s safety is threatened as they are forced to go alone to the open fields and farms just because they do not have the facility to use indoor toilets.

Anushka has great appeal among the audiences and has the record of playing characters that have been inspiring the women. Therefore, the government shortlisted her as she resonates with the women masses.


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