Plate Of Fresh Fruits

If you truly want to keep away from diabetes, then start adding fresh fruits to your daily diet, suggests a new study.

The health benefits of fresh fruits are well-known to most of us. As fruits are rich sources of many essential nutrients like potassium, dietary fibre, vitamin C, and folic acid, they help in maintaining a healthy weight as well as preventing various diseases like cardiac issues and blood pressure. Moreover, they are also organically low in low fat, sodium, and calories, which make them ideal for a healthy diet. But do you know, such naturally colourful and rich-in-vitamin fruits can also prevent the risks of diabetes? A new study has brought out this first-of-its-kind health benefit of fresh fruits into the limelight.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom has revealed that adding of fresh fruits to the daily diet can lower the risks of diabetes, as well as limit the incidence of snags in people with diabetes. Although the health advantages of diets involving fresh fruit and green vegetables are previously established, the high amount of sugar content of fruits has caused uncertainty about related risks of diabetes and vascular complications of the syndrome.

But the new study, led by Huaidong Du of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom and colleagues has confirmed that addition of fresh fruits in the daily diet and eating more amount of fruits regularly can cap the risks of diabetes as well as can condense the vascular complications of the disease. For the study, researchers included nearly 500,000 people in the China Kadoorie Biobank in the experimental procedure for more than about seven years. During these seven years of follow-up, researchers documented the new cases of diabetes and recorded the incidence of vascular ailment as well as death in the participants with pre-existing diabetes.

After analysing the results, the experts found that people who, during the research period had undergone elevated consumption of fresh fruit were found to have a lower associated risk of diabetes in contrast to those who hadn’t consumed fresh fruits. Over five years, the risks of diabetes reduced nearly 0.2 percent. Moreover, people with diabetes, who had higher eating of the fruits was found to have a lower risk of mortality, and in 5 years, the risks of death were found to shrink by 1.9 percent. The addition of fresh fruits also found to lessen risks of microvascular and macrovascular complications among the participants, said the researchers in the study, published in the journal of PLOS Medicine.


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