Being obsessed now is not being considered as an individual problem. Currently, more than 60% of world population are overweight. The equilibrium between calories, being consumed by a person daily and the energy expenditure defines the weight of an individual, and if a person consumes more calories than he/she metabolises, then person gains weight as the body starts storing the excess energy as fat. When an individual gain 20% more than the average weight, the condition is called obesity.

Obesity, rather than just a health condition, is considered more as a deadly, health-threatening condition, which pose a range of risks to the overall well-being of a person. Being overweight is likely to make you have several health issues like Heart disease and stroke, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancers, Gallbladder disease and gallstones, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Breathing problems, and much more. Not everyone who is obsessed has all health issues, but the risks go up if any of your family members has the problem.

However, all such risks and especially obesity are often controlled by some major lifestyle habits, which people frequently overlooked. But if you really want to keep a cap of your growing waistline, then changes in lifestyle habits is mandatory. Here are top five factors which play the most pivotal role in making people flabby and avoiding such practices can help you in staying hale and hearty for long-term. Though several lifestyle habits are directly or indirectly responsible for fuelling weight of a person, here are the top five factors which every figure and health conscious people should avoid. Have a look:

Irregular sleep:

Adequate, good quality sleep is essential for sound health and weight. It stimulates brain functionality and promotes good health. But don’t forget excess or deprived sleep can cause overweight. If you are experiencing poor sleep, then possibilities are really high that you have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol which plays a significant role in increasing appetite. Similarly, excess sleep causes physical inactivity and idleness which later leads to weight gain.

Regular intake of drugs:

This is one of the common ways to put on weight. Daily consumption of medicines and pills ups the risks of obesity. People nowadays used to suffer from one or many lifestyle diseases like cardiac issues, diabetes and high blood pressure and consumption of medications are considered to be the easiest way to cure all those health problems. But most of them don’t know that resorting to daily pills to control these problems indirectly prompts weight as a form of side-effect. Studies already have shown that overuse of antibiotics is a major cause of fatness.

Unhealthy diet:

Like millions of others, you may also love to eat those scrumptious street-side foods or tempting fast-foods, rich in oil, spices, fats, and calories? But you may not have any idea how such foods can affect your weight and overall wellbeing. Intake of such processed and rich-in-fat foods do not allow for the balanced and moderated diet that a body needs to maintain a healthy weight and this results in overweight. Avoid those roadside spicy foods regularly, if you actually want to keep yourself fit and fine.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression:

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are three primary reasons for obesity. Stress, depression and anxiety often lead to the production of excessive stress hormone – cortisol which can elicit excess eating, resulting on fatness. Clinical trials show people who often take the stress, eat more and as you know, overeating is the primary cause of overweight.

Deficiencies of Vitamin:

Obesity sometimes is also attributable to the deficiencies of vitamin which most people neglect. Your body might be lacking some particular nutrients like Vitamin D, iron, vitamin B or magnesium which plays a significant role in balancing weight. Lack of such vitamins can lead to unwanted weight gain and can also affect the metabolism, deplete the energy levels as well as sap the ability to burn fat. The deficiency of some particular vitamins triggers hunger and uncontrollable cravings which end up making one fat and flabby.


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