ashley judd

Ashley Judd attended the World Congress conference in New Delhi, where she focused on topics like Sexual exploitation and harassment of women, gender discrimination, and sex trafficking. Ashley is in India for some moment and has been in the headlines for a couple of days. She also shared some of her personal cases regarding sexual exploitation.

Ashley Judd is a well known American actress. She is a gorgeous beauty in the industry. She has done many hit movies like Insurgent, Divergent and Ruby in Paradise. On Monday, the actor attended the event where she explained how she was molested at the age of 7 and was brutally raped at the age of 14. She told that life was not so easy for her; she faced many veteran animals on her path. She also mentioned that everyone is just hungry and they need to have you. She told that she was gain raped in 1998. But she was never trafficked, which was a good sign for her to move on.

She also focused on the law made for the girls and women to fight against trafficking. Ashley suggested that “Women can rid off such incidents only when the women who faced such incidents will come forward to help other victims”.

She also highlighted the gender discriminations in the US saying “The US need to run through a long path in order to maintain proper gender equality.  Her lifetime earnings are 40% less because of this gender discrimination.” She stated that the situations are not going to change until the women learn to fight for their rights.

Ashley Judd seems to be an ideal inspiration to all the women who have faced sexual harassment in their life.


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