Agahpur lightens up on the arrival of Big Boss 10 winner “Manveer”

After the ambitious victory of Manveer Gurjar in Big Boss season 10, the small village of Noida named, Agahpur was lighted up with various fire crackers and sweets on the same night. This small village which has some population around 5000, got filled with happiness and guests from different locations.

Manveer Gurjar snatched the winner title of Big Boss season 10, from other participants on the night of Sunday. He was one of the finalists in the house of Big Boss. The runners’ title was provided to Bani J.  The family people of Manveer arranged a large screen in the centre of the village, where every villager gathered to cheer for Manveer. They watched the finale show for three hours and wished for the victory of their child. Finally, Manveer defeated Bani and proved that a common man could also win a reality show.

The moment in which the results were announced, the DJ setup created a musical atmosphere in the village. The sky was filled with fireworks, and the mouths were filled with various sweets. The cousin of Manveer, Krishna stated that these fireworks were left from the Diwali and today it’s our time to celebrate the Diwali again.  Manveer’s brother was continuously receiving calls from their relatives and various friends, who were congratulating Manveer on his victory. His phone was literally full of text messages.

One of the neighbours of Manveer had bought around 4 kilos of sweets and distributed all the sweets among the guests and villagers. There were many guests from Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad who have visited the family of Manveer to congratulate Manveer. The atmosphere of Agahpur was something very different that night. It seemed like the son of that land has done something extraordinary, which will make the people of that land proud.


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