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Brain Cancer

A Common Pinworm Medicine Soon To Treat Brain Cancer

Treating the deadly brain disease needs not only great effort and time but also high-end medicines and tests, which, despite various advancements in the medical industry, is still far-flung from the general public. However,...
NASA’s Self-Sufficient Plant Growth System Will Assist Astronomers to Grow Their Food Onboard ISS

NASA Endorses 22 Potentially Transformative Space-Tech Initiatives under Its Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program

The global space industry and technology have been mushrooming and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – the pioneering space agency of the United States, has never lagged behind endorsing new ideas and...

ALMA Captured Rare Explosive Star Formation on Camera

Stellar explosions are often associated with supernova – an astronomical event that takes place during the concluding stages of a massive star’s life. But the new picture, captured by the Atacama Large Millimetre/Submillimeter Array...

13.1-Billion-Years-Old Galaxy Is Giving Foretaste into Premature Universe

Astronomers have detected an ultra-distant galaxy, which is nearly 13.1 billion years old and is giving some significant glimpses into the early universe. Regardless of various advancements in science and technology, the formation of the...

5 Common Lifestyle Habits That Fuel Obesity 

Being obsessed now is not being considered as an individual problem. Currently, more than 60% of world population are overweight. The equilibrium between calories, being consumed by a person daily and the energy expenditure...
Juno spacecraft beams back breathtaking images of cyclones on Jupiter

NASA Releases Six Spectacular Images of Jupiter Sent By Juno Spacecraft

In 2011, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched a powerful space probe, called Juno Spacecraft, intended for moving all the way through Jupiter, explore its hidden features, click the views of the...

Exercise in Empty Stomach Is Better For Long-Term Health: New Study Suggests

What is better for health; the exercise in empty stomach or after eating? It is one of the most age-old questions for physicians as well as general public. While most people believe empty stomach...
Pre-Menopausal Women

Hot Flashes at Pre-Menopausal Women Can Predict Risks of Heart Diseases

Hot flashes – an unexpected and sudden sensitivity to agitated heat and one of the stock symptoms of menopause - are well-known to mess up with the overall quality of life of women. But...
Diet Greener

5 Reasons Why Keeping Major Portion of Diet Greener Is Beneficial For Health

These days, when lifestyle diseases are amplifying their wings, because of fat, oily and deadly chemically processed food items and harmful daily habits, physicians and health experts have continually been suggesting people add more...
Bone Fracture

Higher Level of Magnesium Can Prevent Risks of Bone Fracture among Elders

Increasing the level of magnesium in the blood can avoid the risks of bone fracture among senior citizens, suggests a new international study. The risk of bone fracture is ever presented among old adults. As...